2021 Tajikistan Higher League: results, top scorers, form guide

How have the contenders fared so far?

Form guide

FC Dushanbe: DWLWL
Eskhata: WLDWDL
Fayzkand: LWDWD
Istaravshan: LWWLD
Istiklol: W
Khatlon: WDDDL
Khujand: WWWDWL
Kuktosh: DLWLW
Ravshan: LLLDDW

Top Scorers

5 Akobir Turaev (Eskhata)
5 Artyom Serdyuk (Khujand)
4 Luc Mendjana (FC Dushanbe)
3 Abdukhalil Boronov (Fayzkand)
3 Artyom Serdyuk (Khujand)


Gameweek 6

Istiklol 1-0 CSKA
Fayzkand 1-3 Eskhata
Kuktosh 2-2 Dushanbe
Ravshan 1-2 Khatlon
Istaravshan 2-3 Khujand

Gameweek 5

Khujand 4-0 Kuktosh
Khatlon 1-1 CSKA
Eskhata 2-3 Istaravshan
FC Dushanbe 4-2 Ravshan

Gameweek 4

CSKA 3-1 FC Dushanbe
Istaravshan 0-0 Fayzkand
Kuktosh 2-1 Eskhata
Ravshan 1-0 Khujand

Gameweek 3

Fayzkand 3-1 Kuktosh
FC Dushanbe 1-0 Khatlon
Khujand 2-0 CSKA
Eskhata 1-1 Ravshan

Gameweek 2

CSKA 1-3 Eskhata
Kuktosh 1-0 Istarvshan
Khatlon 1-1 Khujand
Ravshan 0-0 Fayzkand

Gameweek 1

Khujand 4-1 Dushanbe
Eskhata 1-1 Khatlon
Fayzkand 1-0 CSKA
Istaravshan 1-0 Ravshan

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