2021 Tajikistan Super Cup: Istiklol claim 12th edition

Istiklol defeated Ravshan 2-0 to win their 10th title in Tajikistan season curtain-raiser on 3 April 2021.

Huseyin Dogan scores the opener

Huseyin Dogan broke the deadlock inside 56 minutes, haring down the left before jagging inside to skip past two white shirts and flash past Rustam Rizoev, who was rooted to the spot. Four minutes later, Alisher Dzhalilov pounced on a loose Ravshan pass, before outmuscling his man to unleash a left-footed bullet and double the scoreline.

Man of the match: Huseyin Dogan

Tajikistan Super Cup winners
2010 Istiklol (vs Vakhsh)
2011 Istiklol (vs Regar-TadAZ)
2012 Istiklol (vs Regar-TadAZ)
2013 Ravshan (vs Regar-TadAZ)
2014 Istiklol (vs Ravshan)
2015 Istiklol (vs Khair)
2016 Istiklol (vs Khujand)
2017 Khosilot (vs Istiklol)
2018 Istiklol (vs Khujand)
2019 Istiklol (vs Khujand)
2020 Istiklol (vs Khujand)
2021 Istiklol (vs Ravshan)

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